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Matt Daneman, Senior Editor, covers pay TV, cable broadband, satellite, and video issues and the Federal Communications Commission for Communications Daily. He joined Warren Communications in 2015 after more than 15 years at the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, where he covered business among other issues. He also was a correspondent for USA Today. You can follow Daneman on Twitter: @mdaneman

Recent Articles by Matt Daneman

Net Neutrality Remand Order Seen Ending Up in Court, Facing Recon Petition

An expected 3-2 approval of the net neutrality remand order on Oct. 27's FCC agenda (see 2010060056) will likely be met by a reconsideration petition and/or legal challenge, interested parties told us. Which route petitioners go will depend somewhat on…Subscribe to Read >>

Charter/TWC/BHN Conditions Sunset Fans, Foes Make Cases

Backing Charter Communications' ask the FCC sunset two Time Warner Cable-Bright House Networks transaction conditions in May (see 2006180050) are free-market and small-government advocacy groups, swarms of local business groups and local elected officials. Opponents are primarily public interest groups…Subscribe to Read >>

Mozilla Remand Issues Not Considered Heavy Lifts for FCC by Title I Advocates

Broadband-only providers' statutory right to pole attachments isn't a significant issue because there are so few such providers and it's easy enough for them to expand their offerings beyond that to get pole attachment rights. That's according to a Federalist…Subscribe to Read >>

Extra Time Given for Net Neutrality Comments Refresh; Some Seek More

Backers of extra filing time to comment on public safety aspects of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit’s Mozilla v. FCC net neutrality decision applauded the agency's 21-day extension announcement Wednesday (see 2003250031). Some left…Subscribe to Read >>

FCC Seen Unlikely to Ask Edge Providers to Throttle Bit Rates in COVID-19 Crisis

The FCC has been pleased to see industry take-up of its "keep Americans connected" pledge and its push to expand low-income offerings, and doesn't anticipate asking edge providers to throttle their streaming video quality to ensure adequate data network capacity…Subscribe to Read >>