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Dubbed “essential reading” by the Software & Information Industry Association, Washington Internet Daily delivers comprehensive coverage of the technology policy and regulatory issues affecting internet commerce and information security.

Businesses, government agencies, NGOs, and public policy advocates all benefit from its comprehensive, timely coverage of policy news, legal and court activity, cybersecurity, privacy issues and global governmental activity affecting participants in the internet economy. Our reporting delivers objective insight and unique insider perspectives you won’t find anywhere else, and an indispensable global viewpoint that you need to understand the big picture for the world’s internet communications infrastructure.

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Warren Communications News, Inc. (WCN) is the leading publisher of hard news, analysis and research covering the telecommunications, international trade, consumer electronics, broadcasting and satellite industries. Founded in 1945 in Washington, D.C. and still headquartered in the nation’s capital, Warren Communications News was originally established to cover the emerging medium of “television.” Since those early days, Warren has constantly expanded into new business-to-business news categories and become the industry standard for decision makers and business leaders.

WCN newsletters include Communications Daily, International Trade Today, Export Compliance DailyConsumer Electronics Daily, and Washington Internet Daily, among others. Warren also publishes specialized reports and market studies. Its products and services are available in a variety of electronic formats.

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