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FTC’s Phillips Supports Privacy Jurisdiction Over Common Carriers

The FTC should have privacy enforcement authority over common carriers, Commissioner Noah Phillips said Monday. Whether online platforms should be considered common carriers for purposes of speech and First Amendment issues is a “very active debate” before Congress and the…Subscribe to Read >>

ADT Upbeat on Matter; Eyes 2nd Cert Round in 2022

Following the push of the Connectivity Standards Alliance’s certification program to 2022, ADT won’t likely participate in the first certification round, ADT Vice President-Product Engineering Mark Reimer, told us Monday. “I want to watch and make sure that everything goes…Subscribe to Read >>

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Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies names George Kelemen, ex-Texas Retailers Association, executive director, succeeding Kim Robert Scovill ... Intel picks Bruce Andrews, ex-SoftBank, as corporate vice president-chief government affairs officer, effective Sept. 7 ... Hill+Knowlton Strategies hires Laurie Rosenfield…Read More >>