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Biography for Karl Herchenroeder

Karl Herchenroeder, Assistant Editor, is a technology policy journalist for publications including Communications Daily. Born in Rockville, Maryland, he joined the Warren Communications News staff in 2018. He began his journalism career in 2012 at the Aspen Times in Aspen, Colorado, where he covered city government. After that, he covered the nuclear industry for ExchangeMonitor in Washington. You can follow Herchenroeder on Twitter: @karlherk

Recent Articles by Karl Herchenroeder

DOJ Weighing Platform Incentives for Section 230, Barr Says

DOJ is considering whether Section 230 creates the right incentives for platforms to maintain a safe internet, said Attorney General William Barr Wednesday. Tech companies are no longer underdog upstarts but titans of U.S. industry, he said during a…Subscribe to Read >>

Experts Weigh Coming 9th Circuit Chip Monopoly Decision

SAN FRANCISCO -- Observers are split on whether the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will side with the FTC or Qualcomm in a key tech antitrust decision expected in the coming months (see 2002130058). Qualcomm, Intel, Ericsson…Subscribe to Read >>

9th Circuit Panel Questions Antitrust Application in FTC v. Qualcomm

SAN FRANCISCO -- A three-judge panel for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals questioned during oral argument Thursday whether antitrust law, not patent law, is best to address Qualcomm’s potential violations related to chip licensing (see 2002120059)…Subscribe to Read >>

Qualcomm Oral Argument Pits FTC Against DOJ in 5G-Related Antitrust Case

SAN FRANCISCO -- Government and Qualcomm officials will argue Thursday in federal court in a case with implications for 5G technology, FTC antitrust authority and the tech industry (see 1910100017). Qualcomm said the FTC’s antitrust lawsuit threatens national…Subscribe to Read >>

Tillis, Coons Aim for Draft Bill for Updating DMCA in 2020

The goal is to produce a draft bill this year to update the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, said Senate Intellectual Property Subcommittee Chairman Thom Tillis, R-N.C., Tuesday. “I have low expectations we can get it done in this…Subscribe to Read >>