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Biography for Karl Herchenroeder

Karl Herchenroeder, Assistant Editor, is a technology policy journalist for publications including Communications Daily. Born in Rockville, Maryland, he joined the Warren Communications News staff in 2018. He began his journalism career in 2012 at the Aspen Times in Aspen, Colorado, where he covered city government. After that, he covered the nuclear industry for ExchangeMonitor in Washington. You can follow Herchenroeder on Twitter: @karlherk

Recent Articles by Karl Herchenroeder

Emails Detail Positive COVID-19 Case, Potential Exposure at FTC

At least two FTC employees working at the agency's Constitution Center reported potential COVID-19 symptoms in March, and another employee tested positive for the virus in Atlanta, according to emails we obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.Subscribe to Read >>

Marketers Prepared to Defend Interests in Any FCC Section 230 Proceeding

The FCC may wait a bit before taking up any NTIA petition for rulemaking to clarify the scope of the tech industry’s liability shield (see 2005290058), observers predicted in interviews this week. The Association of National Advertisers said…Subscribe to Read >>

FTC’s Wilson Says COVID Highlights Why Privacy Regulation Lacking

COVID-19 highlights the need for federal baseline privacy legislation, which companies could have used to give consumers clarity about how data is used during the pandemic, FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson told the Brookings Institution Wednesday. The demand for privacy…Subscribe to Read >>

Senators Seek DMCA Update That IA Deems Unnecessary

Senate Intellectual Property Subcommittee Chairman Thom Tillis, R-N.C., Tuesday voiced support for an update to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and ranking member Chris Coons, D-Del., also appeared on board with an update (see 2005280038). Witnesses sought changes…Subscribe to Read >>

Pai Questions Twitter Policies After Further Action Against Trump

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai questioned Twitter’s policies, as the platform for a second day flagged President Donald Trump’s tweets (see 2005280060). Pai asked Friday whether tweets from Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei violate platform rules about glorifying…Subscribe to Read >>