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Biography for Karl Herchenroeder

Karl Herchenroeder, Assistant Editor, is a technology policy journalist for publications including Communications Daily. Born in Rockville, Maryland, he joined the Warren Communications News staff in 2018. He began his journalism career in 2012 at the Aspen Times in Aspen, Colorado, where he covered city government. After that, he covered the nuclear industry for ExchangeMonitor in Washington. You can follow Herchenroeder on Twitter: @karlherk

Recent Articles by Karl Herchenroeder

US Should Rethink Competition Policies, ITIF Told

The U.S. should rethink antitrust policies, experts said at an Information Technology and Innovation Foundation webinar Thursday. China is giving its companies an advantage, said Berkeley Research Group Chairman David Teece. St. Mary’s University London Senior Lecturer in…Subscribe to Read >>

December Timeline for EU AI Proposal Remains on Target

The European Commission remains on target to propose artificial intelligence legislation in December, despite COVID-19 complications, EC Team Leader-AI Irina Orssich said Wednesday (see 2002190004). “This might still happen,” she said during an Information Technology and Innovation Foundation…Subscribe to Read >>

2nd Circuit Affirms Trump Violated First Amendment by Blocking Twitter Critics

President Donald Trump violated the First Amendment in 2017 when he blocked users from his Twitter account, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed Monday (see 1806050068). The court denied the administration’s request for an en…Subscribe to Read >>

States Scramble to Enact Laws Against COVID-19 Price-Gouging

States are scrambling to enact price gouging laws in response to online sellers taking advantage of COVID-19 demands. Maryland passed an emergency measure Wednesday, and plans are evolving in Minnesota. Arkansas passed an emergency measure earlier this month.Subscribe to Read >>

Facebook, Google Deny Sharing Location Data With Officials in COVID-19 Response

Facebook and Google aren’t sharing location data with the government for tracking COVID-19, the companies said Thursday after reports of such industry consultation. Ed Markey, D-Mass., raised privacy concerns and other senators criticized the tech industry’s response to online…Subscribe to Read >>