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Biography for Gabriella Novello

Gabriella Novello, Assistant Editor, is a journalist for Communications Daily covering telecommunications and the Federal Communications Commission. She joined the Warren Communications News staff in 2020, after covering election integrity and the 2020 presidential election at WhoWhatWhy. She received her bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in health promotion at American University. You can follow Novello on Instagram and Twitter: @NOVELLOGAB.

Recent Articles by Gabriella Novello

Groups Prioritize EBB Consumer Outreach, Education

Stakeholders are increasing outreach before the FCC's emergency broadband benefit program starts on May 12 (see 2102250066). Some remain concerned whether EBB efforts will reach consumers that need the support the most, they said in recent interviews.Subscribe to Read >>

COVID-19 Telehealth Metrics Could Let Applicants Fall Through Cracks: Experts

The application filing window for the second round of the FCC’s COVID-19 telehealth program is scheduled to open at the end of the month (see 2104150036), but policy experts warn the evaluation metrics could cause healthcare providers and facilities in…Subscribe to Read >>

Consumer Advocates Seek More Transparency With EBB Program Rollout

The FCC should do more to ensure a smooth rollout of its $3.2 billion emergency broadband benefit program, consumer advocates said in recent interviews (see 2102250066). The commission’s website isn’t sufficiently user-friendly, and it should be more transparent on when…Subscribe to Read >>

Providers Gear Up to Deliver Emergency Broadband Benefit

Providers are gearing up to offer discounted services through the FCC emergency broadband benefit program. The $3.2 billion program is expected to help millions of low-income consumers and those hit hardest by the pandemic (see 2102260058).Subscribe to Read >>

Calls Mount for Rosenworcel to Tee Up USF Revisions

More stakeholders want acting FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel to begin moving forward on USF funding revisions (see 2102010059). The current mechanism is unsustainable, experts said in recent interviews. Many disagree on changes.Subscribe to Read >>