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Biography for Tim Warren

Tim Warren is Managing Editor of International Trade Today and Export Compliance Daily. He has led the International Trade Today editorial team since it was purchased by Warren Communications News in 2012 and was on the staff of Communications Daily before that. Tim is a 2005 graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts and lives in Maryland with his wife and three kids.

Recent Articles by Tim Warren

Commerce's Comstock Says US Leading World in 5G Spectrum Allocation

The U.S. is outpacing other countries in the race toward 5G in "the allocation of spectrum" but is playing catch-up in other areas such as fiber deployment, said Commerce Department Deputy Chief of Staff Earl Comstock Wednesday. Comstock spoke on…Subscribe to Read >>

Growing E-Commerce Volumes not an 'Insignificant Challenge' to Customs

CANCUN, Mexico -- The nature of e-commerce includes several features -- high velocity, hyper high volume and low value -- that makes "a recipe for a lot of risks" from a customs perspective, said Rich DiNucci, executive director-Cargo and Conveyance…Subscribe to Read >>

Changes to FCC Import Rules Could Help Companies Meet Demand for High-Profile Devices, Google Says

A provisional certification process for imported RF devices regulated by the FCC would make it easier for electronics companies to meet consumer demand following high-profile product announcements, Google said in comments on an NPRM to revise import requirements, among other…Subscribe to Read >>

CBP Finds Smartwatch Classifiable as Radio Transceiver, not Watch

The radio transceiver of a Samsung Gear Live Android smartwatch is what gives the product its "essential character," said Customs and Border Protection in a recently released ruling. Samsung requested the prospective ruling from CBP on the classification for the…Subscribe to Read >>

E-Commerce Creates New Challenges That May Require Updated Trade Policies

E-commerce's growth is requiring some new considerations as individual sellers are increasingly involved in international transactions, said panelists during a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event. While the new challenges may point to the need for some revised policies, it's difficult…Subscribe to Read >>