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Biography for Monica Hogan

Monica Hogan, Associate Editor, covers Federal Communications Commission-related wireline telephone and broadband policy at Communications Daily. Before joining Warren Communications News in 2019, she followed telecommunications market transitions: from standard to high-definition television, car phones to smartphones, dial-up ISPs to broadband, and big-dish to direct-broadcast satellite. At Communications Daily, she has also covered the emergence of digital health and precision agriculture. You can follow Hogan on Twitter: @MonicaHoganCD.

Recent Articles by Monica Hogan

Starks Thinks FCC Has Authority to Look at Tech Like AI

Communities unserved by broadband often overlap with those at risk of losing their jobs to displacement by new technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence, panelists told FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks at an event he hosted. Earlier Tuesday, AT&T…Subscribe to Read >>

States Have FCC RDOF Concerns on Broadband Buildout

Concerns continue over new Rural Digital Opportunity Fund language in the order that was approved along party lines at last week's FCC meeting and could restrict support in areas that get state USF-like funding (see 2002030006). The agency…Subscribe to Read >>

Don't Ignore Urban Poor in Digital Divide Policy, Panelists Urge

There's much attention to an FCC Rural Digital Opportunity Fund vote Jan. 30 (see 2001230005). Speakers at a Next Century Cities conference Thursday urged policymakers not to neglect low-income urban and minority communities to address the digital divide…Subscribe to Read >>

ISPs Back RDOF Vote, Phase I Auctions in 2020

Broadband interests back a draft order on the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund up for a vote at Thursday's FCC meeting (see 2001080049). They told us earlier this month to expect commissioners to approve the rulemaking proposed by…Subscribe to Read >>

FCC Commissioners to Vote Jan. 30 on RDOF Auction Rules

The FCC will vote on auction rules for bidders on the first phase of a $20.4 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund program, Chairman Ajit Pai blogged Wednesday, announcing his agenda for the Jan. 30 commissioners' meeting. The RDOF…Subscribe to Read >>