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Biography for Monica Hogan

Monica Hogan, Associate Editor, covers Federal Communications Commission-related wireline telephone and broadband policy at Communications Daily. Before joining Warren Communications News in 2019, she followed telecommunications market transitions: from standard to high-definition television, car phones to smartphones, dial-up ISPs to broadband, and big-dish to direct-broadcast satellite. At Communications Daily, she has also covered the emergence of digital health and precision agriculture. You can follow Hogan on Twitter: @MonicaHoganCD.

Recent Articles by Monica Hogan

Strong Internet Demand From Many Corners Forecast at Incompas

LOUISVILLE -- Providers competing in broadband and companies that support them are projecting strong demand from consumers, businesses and government, they told Incompas Wednesday. Incompas CEO Chip Pickering recommended letting "every entrant enter this space because there is such…Subscribe to Read >>

Ergen Highlights Dish Network's Long Game in Planned Wireless Launch

LOUISVILLE -- Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen wants to partner with fiber-network builders and U.S. manufacturers as the company moves to replace Sprint as the fourth nationwide wireless network and build its 5G infrastructure, he said in a keynote…Subscribe to Read >>

Comments Due Nov. 22 on 3-2 Broadband Deployment NOI

A notice of inquiry for the FCC's annual broadband deployment report was adopted 3-2 Oct. 4 and posted Wednesday afternoon. Comments are due Nov. 22, replies Dec. 9, in docket 19-285. The NOI circulated in July (see Subscribe to Read >>

FCC Urged to Delay First RDOF Auctions Until Better Broadband Mapping Data Ready

ISPs and state telecom authorities asked the FCC to delay the first-round auction for its $20 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund until it gets better broadband mapping data. In replies posted through Tuesday in docket 19-126, the California…Subscribe to Read >>

Connected Health Driving Demand for Rural Connectivity, SHLB Showgoers Say

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr wants more healthcare providers to contribute to a docket on a proposed Connected Care pilot program before it moves from NPRM to order. Carr touted the pilot Thursday at a Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband…Subscribe to Read >>